Judy Wexler: World’s Record Holder for Human-Powered Flight

This is a photo of Judy Wexler, a researcher with our cichlid genetics lab at UMD and an accomplished cyclist.  She is now the world’s record holder for pilot of a human-powered helicopter.  She is also the first female human-powered helicopter pilot.  Congratulations Judy!

Judy Wexler in the cockpit of Gamera

You can watch the video of Judy’s flight here.  This is the official announcement from the dean of the Engineering school:

Late in the afternoon of May 12, 2011, in the auxiliary gym of the Comcast Center on the campus of the University of Maryland, the human-powered helicopter Gamera, designed and built by graduate and undergraduate students of the A. James Clark School of Engineering and piloted by biology student Judy Wexler, achieved lift-off of 3-5 inches and hover time of approximately 4 seconds.

Even though the announcement says Judy is the pilot of a human-powered helicopter, she is almost certainly a machine.


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