I’m busy. Also, a Poem about Cancer.

On Tuesdays, I normally write a post about evolution or science.  Unfortunately,  I’m swamped this week.  My in-laws, parents, and sister are all visiting for my graduation from UMD.  Consequently, my wife and I are cranking out lab-work right now so we can actually spend time with our families later.  So no new post this week.  I’ll pick it up again next week when I critique of my own recent paper in BMC Evolutionary Biology. Continue reading


Evolution Education: Zack Kopplin is my Hero

Louisiana does not have the best relationship with evolution — I should know;  I grew up there.  In fact, a challenge to Louisiana’s equal-time law for “evolution-science” and “creation-science” led to the seminal 1987 US Supreme Court decision that “creation science” is not science but religious dogma, and therefore could not be taught in public classrooms. Continue reading

Book Review: The Barracks Thief, by Tobias Wolff

On Saturday I finished reading The Barracks Thief by Tobias Wolff.  The Barracks Thief is Wolff’s first novel/novella, published in 1984.  In 1985, it was award the PEN/Faulkner Award for the year’s best fiction.

I’ve been reading a lot of first novels lately as I edit and rewrite my own.  These “firsts” are usually short, sweet, and rough around the edges.  The Barracks Thief is no exception. Continue reading