darwinbookcats LIVES!

Bad blogger that I am, I took an unannounced vacation from blogging last week.  No struggling to keep up with the news in science.  No stress about writing reviews of the books I’ve read.  No posting pictures of cats.  It was terrific.

Well, that last one was hard, actually, since cats form the best part of the darwinbookcats trinity.  But I’m back to say that darwinbookcats lives!  And to make up for it all, I’ve put together a short recap of the last week covering each of the darwinbookcats fronts.

Darwin: Want to learn more about evolution but can’t afford a text-book / hate reading science texts that look like they’re written in greek?  There’s a solution!  Eugene Koonin has written an introductory textbook on evolution called The Logic of Chance: The Nature and Origin of Biological Evolution.  The book was free for download via Kindle last week (though you can also put it on your computer by downloading the Kindle app here).  And today’s free Kindle science book is Genes, Chromosomes, and Disease: From Simple Traits, to Complex Traits, to Personalized Medicine, by Nicholas Gillham.  Or you can go straight to the (Victorian) horses mouth and download Darwin’s On the Origin of Species.  That’s always free on Kindle, though Darwin can’t tell  you anything of genetics and genomes.

Raymond Carver (from The New Yorker)

Books:  I’ve read three books over the last few weeks.  The first was Phillip Roth’s novel, The Ghost Writer.  I also read Joyce Carol Oate’s Zombie.  But the best was Carol Sklenicka’s biography of one of the 20th centuries best American writers, Raymond Carver.  Raymond Carver: A Writer’s Life explores the life of Carver, who made his living writing and selling short stories that were mostly about people from his working-class background.  He found success in only the last 10 years of his life, and died early at the age of 50.  But Sklenicka’s biography was so good and heartbreaking that I couldn’t put it down.  Stay tuned for Book Reviews in the next few weeks.

Cats: And now, for the real reason I couldn’t blog last week . . .


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