Walden Pond State Reservation and Authors Ridge

So, one thing you may not know about me since I am new to this blog is that I love the natural places this country has to offer, especially national parks. A love for the great outdoors is what I think led me to a life of science. So, I often share pictures and blog about the amazing natural places I’ve visited. I thought I would ease into this by sharing pictures from hubby and I’s trip to Walden Pond State Reservation and Authors Ridge. As you may know, Walden Pond was where Henry David Thoreau resided for several years. Additionally, Sleepy Hollow Cemetery is nearby, and several famous authors are buried there. I hope you enjoy the pictures of our trip there!!

Walden Pond is managed as a State Reservation by the state of Massachusetts. There is a minimal $5 entrance fee and you get to enjoy all the place has to offer, and boy was it packed when we got there!! Also, oddly enough, there were still people swimming in the pond in mid-October (when we went to visit)!! Maybe its just the Southerner in me, but that is just crazy. Hubby and I hiked the Pond Path trail around the perimeter of the pond.

Lovely red tree

Hubby with Walden Pond in the background.

                                                          View of Walden Pond

Note the sun bather in the lower left hand corner.

Hubby and a birch tree.

Love this shot of the pond.

I loved this little area of the pond.

Lily pads

Evidence of beaver

Can you find the chipmunk?

Looking into the water. Always looking for fish.

Outline of Thoreau’s cabin

Replica of Thoreau’s house

It was quite tiny.

Hubby enjoying being in the replica of Thoreau’s cabin.

Hubby with Thoreau’s statue.

Me and the Thoreau statue.

If you are interested in visiting Walden Pond, check out the website.

On to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery and Authors Ridge.

The Alcott family plot

Grave of Louisa M. Alcott, author of Little Women

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s grave, author of The Scarlet Letter

Thoreau family plot

Henry David Thoreau’s grave

Hubby paying his respects.

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s grave.

I always find it interesting to visit cemetery’s, especially those well connected with history. If you are interested in visiting Sleep Hollow Cemetery, visit their website or this other website, which is also helpful.


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