Revise and Resubmit: Science and Fiction

As the Bokononists of Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle used to say, I’m busy, busy, busy.  I’m leaving for a course in Vision Research at the Marine Biological Laboratory soon, so I’m rushing to collect and analyze data before I go.  I’ve also got to resubmit my latest study for peer-review since both PLoS Biology and PLoS Genetics passed on it.  Boo.

In addition to that, on Monday the Baltimore Review rejected one of my short stories, “Savages.”  As usual, I got a nice form rejection, though they did apologize for keeping the story so long (six months):

Thank you for sending us “SAVAGES.” We appreciated the chance to read your work. Unfortunately, this submission was not right for us. We are all writers ourselves, and we understand that it’s never easy to receive this message. Sorry for holding this for so long. Hope you’ll try us again in the future.

Right now I’m keeping all the rejection slips on a nail in front my desk.  They should probably disappoint me more, but they don’t.  Just need to revise and resubmit, revise and resubmit.


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