Just because I’m a biologist doesn’t mean I don’t get super excited about other geeky science stuff. This week, I was excited about the new Mars rover Curiosity. It landed successfully on Mars yesterday. A lot of people were holding their breath in hopes that the billion dollar rover didn’t crash. But it didn’t and now we hopefully will find out all sorts of cool stuff about Mars that we haven’t learned yet, including if it could have sustained life. A lot of people think this a waste of tax payer’s money. I can think of a lot of things that are a waste of the tax payer’s money, but I won’t go there. I certainly don’t think that this is a waste. We are by nature curious beings. Humans have long been fascinated by the heavens. I think it is pretty damn cool that we can build machines to travel to the moon, and now Mars, and gather information without having to set foot there. That is an amazing feat of human progress. I look forward to all the information learned and  anticipate the day we can get humans out there.

Here is a short animation film about Curiosity’s landing and mission.


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