Caturday: Our fur covered children

If you have read out “About Us”, you now know we have three cats. I thought this Caturday, you could get briefly introduced to them.

First up is our oldest, Frank N. Beans. Frank is our special boy. He is the quintessential neurotic cat. He cries incessantly at the closet where the treats are kept. He runs about the house for no reason. He cries at the front door to get attention. He is a big jerk sometimes, but other times he is as sweet as he can be. I think all of his issues stem from him being declawed. As you can see, he is the king of camouflage.




Our next oldest is Maggie, a.k.a Magpie. I found her as a stray when I was an undergraduate. She was in itty bitty cutie hiding under the stairwell outside my apartment. I heard her meow and made hubby go get her because, I stated, “She came to me.” Maggie has to warm up to you, but when she does she is as sweet as can be, until she decides she is done with you. We think she is part Siamese and her fur has actually gotten darker over the years. She hides a lot and is often found in the hamper during the winters.

Our youngest cat child is Stephen Jay Gould cat, a.k.a Baby Jay. He is the cat my hubby considers to be his kitty soulmate. He is just the sweetest little thing and does nothing mean to no one. Poor buddy is at the bottom of the totem pole in the house, so he gets bullied by his older bubba and sister. Baby Jay constantly helps his daddy with reading and writing, which has earned him the nickname Editor Jay Jay.


So, yes we have three cats, and yes we treat them like kids. We have no human children of our own yet, so these guys get spoiled rotten. But they return a lot of love in return. These three knew I was feeling bad on Tuesday when I got my wisdom teeth out and they all took turns snuggling with me. So there you are, the three cats behind darwinbookcats.



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