Research and the Parks: White-nose syndrome in bats

So, if you read my profile, you know that I love National Parks. What I also love is that the parks are dedicated to research. Today I offer you a little info on a devastating disease wiping out bat populations worldwide, white-nose syndrome, and how the National Park System is working to manage the spread of this disease. Continue reading

Walden Pond State Reservation and Authors Ridge

So, one thing you may not know about me since I am new to this blog is that I love the natural places this country has to offer, especially national parks. A love for the great outdoors is what I think led me to a life of science. So, I often share pictures and blog about the amazing natural places I’ve visited. I thought I would ease into this by sharing pictures from hubby and I’s trip to Walden Pond State Reservation and Authors Ridge. As you may know, Walden Pond was where Henry David Thoreau resided for several years. Additionally, Sleepy Hollow Cemetery is nearby, and several famous authors are buried there. I hope you enjoy the pictures of our trip there!! Continue reading