It’s Election Day……

Well folks, it’s election day. We finally get an end to all of the annoying political TV ads. Hubby and I are both Democrats, so I’ll give you one guess who got our vote for president. I hope you take the time today to vote, regardless of who you decide to vote for.

The main point of this post is to encourage you as an American to help stop the hate and vitriol seen in our politics. This country is great because it is composed of a wonderful variety of people. I really didn’t understand this until I moved out of the South. Ever since living in Maryland, I’ve come to hold many people near and dear to my heart who are and aren’t like me–African American, Indian, Muslim, Caucasian, Jewish, Christian, Pakistani, Atheist, Homosexual, Hispanic, Agnostic, Asian, Secular Humanist–and I’m sure I can continue to add to this list.

While these folks may be different from me, and I may not necessarily agree with them on everything, the one thing I have for them is respect. And I think we as Americans have lost a lot of that for each other, especially when it comes to elections and politics. It is really upsetting to see people name call and belittle someone just because they do not hold the same political beliefs as them. What is amazing about our country is that we have the freedom to hold democratic elections. We are allowed to vote for who we want to. But every election when I look around on Facebook, I see what boils down to just plain bullying.

How can we as Americans expect our lawmakers to act civilly towards each other when all we do is feed their hatred of the other party through our own actions? Each party blames the other for the lack of progress in Washington D.C., but both parties are to blame. We will never move forward in this country if we ourselves and our politicians can’t see past the extreme ideologies of our two political parties and learn to find some middle ground.

So please, on this election day, take the time to be respectful of all your fellow Americans, regardless of their political beliefs. And if you engage in conversation, do so in a manner that is not demeaning.

I visited Mount Vernon this past weekend and paid my respects to our dear first president, George Washington. I can only imagine that he and the other founding fathers would be extremely disappointed in the behavior exhibited today during elections. They fought so that we could be a free country. And while they disagreed on topics such as the strength of the federal government, they still came together to found this great nation of ours, that welcomes all regardless of race or religion. Early in our history as a country, the person who got the most votes was president, and the second most was vice president, regardless of political party. I wish that we could revert back to this system so that we would be forced to collaborate and work together instead of remaining ever divided.