Caturday: First World Cat Problems

Hubby and I are crazy busy with work. Sorry guys. But this is too funny. Enjoy these first world cat problems.

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Want to waste time? Procatinate!!

Happy Caturday!!! Now that it’s the weekend, you can waste all the time you want. Check out the Procatinator website. It pairs videos of kitties with some pretty awesome music. You can just keep clicking and clicking for kitty after kitty. You are welcome!!!

Caturday: Cats Know How to Relax

Unfortunately for us, my wife and I will be in lab this Labor Day.  But at least cats know how to relax.  Buzzfeed has a list of 13 cats having a better weekend than me.


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Caturday: Acoustic Kitty

Blaine sent me this damn interesting post about Operation Acoustic Kitty, a Cold-War-era plan to use cats as listening devices.  Basically, the CIA took a cat, surgically implanted a listening device into it (they put the antenna — where else? — in the tail) and then trained it to hang around one person.  Predictably, things did not go as planed.

After several surgeries and intensive training, the cyborg cat was ready for its first field test. The CIA drove the cat to a Soviet compound on Wisconsin Avenue in Washington, D.C., and let him out of a parked van across the street. The cat ambled into the road, and was struck by a taxi almost immediately. Five years of effort and over $15 million in spending were reduced to roadkill in an instant. Shorty after its demise a CIA operative returned to the accident site and put the cat’s remains into a container to prevent the Soviets from getting their paws on the sensitive and expensive listening devices.

I imagine a lot of Cold-War-era plans went like Operation Acoustic Kitty: start with a ridiculous plan, spend lots of money, end in disaster.  Good times.


Caturday: The Next Sarah Palin

Stubbs the cat has been the mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska for 15 years.  Mitt Romney, I’ve found your VP!


Caturday: Cat Army Protects Artwork

Full-time job caring for an unholy army of cats?  Yes, please!


Caturday: Noms

Our cat, Stephen Jay Gould (Jay-Jay), likes to chomp our fingers when he purrs.  Do any other cats do this, or is ours just the best?