Still Busy, But Thanks to Everyone That Came to Graduation

Last Tuesday I said that I would talk about science again. Well, I’m not. Sorry, I’m still swamped this week.

But what I can do is thank everyone that came to see my graduation from UMD, as well as everyone that sent their best wishes. Thank you very much.  I enjoyed seeing everyone.

Here’s a picture from the event.  If I look tired and sort of crazed, that’s because I was. Graduations are awkward.  Plus those caps and gowns flatter no one. Continue reading


I’m busy. Also, a Poem about Cancer.

On Tuesdays, I normally write a post about evolution or science.  Unfortunately,  I’m swamped this week.  My in-laws, parents, and sister are all visiting for my graduation from UMD.  Consequently, my wife and I are cranking out lab-work right now so we can actually spend time with our families later.  So no new post this week.  I’ll pick it up again next week when I critique of my own recent paper in BMC Evolutionary Biology. Continue reading

Introducing darwinbookcats

In case you couldn’t tell from the title, this will be a blog about evolutionary biology, books, and cats.  If you love/hate any of these things, get ready: things will get interesting.

My plan is to post a few times a week.  At least once a week I plan to post a short blog about new research in evolutionary biology.  These posts will be easy to read and are designed to bring the best of evolutionary biology to a general audience.  So whether you already adore evolution or just want to know more, these posts should be helpful.

In addition to writing about evolutionary biology, I’ll also post what I am reading.  Feel free to tell me these books are awful/great/whatever.

Finally, every Caturday I will post pictures of our cat overlords.  A day is coming when cats will own us all.  Might as well ingratiate yourselves now.